Tina's Family Dayhome

Your child's home away from home 
A place to play, a place to learn and a place to meet life long friends

91 street grande prairie

Our Playroom and Backyard

 The Backyard

Our Backyard as of last spring/summer

Lots to do in our fully fenced back yard!
Pirate ship, lots of ride on toys, slides and our massive sandbox

Our Sandbox is 10ft x 12ft giving LOTS of room for kiddos to create and sculpt!

We'll have snack outside in the warmer months too!

Traffic Jam!

Our Big Tree offers shade in the summer, and leaf jumping in the fall!

Playing in the leaves

Our Playroom....where we eat, play and sleep

They toys are rotated every 3-4 weeks to stimulate different areas of play.  For example at the beginning of October, we will bring in the dress up clothes to get the children used to dressing up and imitating others.  This will prepare them for Halloween and dressing up to go trick or treating.  

Lego's are always in the playroom because they are such a versitile building toy. ( I use Duplo rather than the smaller Lego to avoid choking hazards).


Table,cubbies &craft shelf

Our puzzle and table game shelf

Occasionally we'll have gross motor toys inside during the colder months to burn off energy

Bookshelf and Legobox

different themed centres are rotated in the playroom

Camping Centre

Who wants ice cream?


My husband Kelly playing trucks with the kids


Kelly helping build with Legos