Tina's Family Dayhome

Your child's home away from home 
A place to play, a place to learn and a place to meet life long friends

91 street Grande Prairie

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What hours and days are you open?
I am opened from 7:30am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

2.  What are the ages of children in your care?
6 months and up

3.  How many children do you currently have?
I am returning maternity leave with my son, looking for more families to join us and a family on maternity leave until August

4.  Will you be taking the children anywhere in a car?
Sometimes.  I notify parents of any field trips and outings we may go on. Also you will be required to supply a car seat for your child

5. Where do you go on field trips?
We have gone to the movies (Stars and Strollers at Cineplex), bowling, McDonalds (sometimes just to play, Sometimes to play and eat), Muskoseepi and other parks in and around Grande Prairie. There are some new child friendly places around town I?d like to eventually visit with the dayhome children (The Jumpyard, Luv 2 Play)


6.  What training or experience do you have?
I have my diploma in Early Childhood Development from GPRC; I have also worked at a daycare centre for a total of 3 years. In that time

I worked with all different ages from birth to school aged (Summer Camp Program).  While I was overseas I also was a full time nanny for a family with two young boys. I started my dayhome in September 2001.

 7.  What are your childcare fees?
I charge $650/month ($700/month for infants)  $35/day or a pre arranged fee.  $100 deposit fee is required on or before your start date.  This will be taken off your last months rate provided proper notice has been given (one month)

 8.  Do you provide meals?
I provide lunch and an afternoon snack. 

I do not provide breakfast since all the children arrive at different times. I know some families find it easier to leave a box of cereal (or oatmeal or yogurts) at my house to have for breakfast.  This saves rushing around first thing in the morning. Please send healthy breakfasts for your child, no sugary cereals.

9.  How do you handle discipline?
I use redirection and if that does not work, I will use time out.  Sometimes the problem might be the toy/object and in that case the toy is removed.

If discipline problem continues, I will talk to the parents and work out a discipline plan. This may include withholding special privileges at daycare or at home.  Each child is different and responds to different forms of discipline.  We can discuss this further as well.

10.  Have you had CPR and First Aid training?


11.  Do you have backup care if you are not available?
Parents are responsible for their own backup care in the case that I am not available.  In the event I have an appointment, my husband may be available.  I try to avoid booking appointments during daycare hours.

12.  What activities do you offer?

In the backyard I have a play area with lots of gross motor toys (bikes, Jumping balls, climbing equipment). I have many different centers in the playroom that are rotated on a 3-4 week schedule.

Some of these centers include: Kitchen, Workshop/Tools, Camping, office centre (with keyboards and phones), cars, dinosaurs, babies/dolls, Legos, soft building blocks...just to name a few

I also have a large selection of books and puzzles.  As well we like to color, do crafts and play with playdoh.   Attention is paid to sensory, emotional and educational toys.  If you have questions regarding this we can discuss this and I can explain it more during our interview.

13.  How much TV do you let the kids watch in a day?

We will sometimes watch a show before lunch (if the children are done cleaning up and I am not done cooking) and some times after nap as the children wake up as all the children don't wake up at the same time. 

14.  Do you have pets?

We have 4 cats that are tame around the children. They have all not known life without children in the home.

15.  Is your daycare home or centered based? 
Home based. After working in a centre and running my own day home, I feel that home childcare provides better quality care for children. 

Some of my reasons are: 

It is the same person with your child from when you drop them off to when you pick them up. They know what your child ate, when and how they slept, and any and all achievements of the day.

Your child grows with the provider and is not put into a different setting just because they've had a birthday.

If you have more than one child, they get to see each other all day and play with one another.

It is a home setting, filled with just like home things, such as animals, phone calls, and sometimes visitors and playdates.